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Indeed, Facebook has transformed the world.

What once was a humdrum college dorm room 2004 startup — an online hangout for college students to get to know each other easier — has evolved into the world’s biggest international community – and yes, it’s free, and always will be.

In Facebook, ideas spread incredibly fast to millions of people over night, as we witnessed 2012’s Arabic Spring. It gives like-minded individuals the ability to connect on unlimited topics everyday and create online communities — even influence political outcomes.

And yes, most of the glory has gone to a maturing millennial generation; however, in recent studies, we see older generations beginning to pick up the Facebook, so to speak. According to Social Media Today, one in three online senior users use social media websites like Facebook or LinkedIn.

Why the sudden boom?

Below, The Uptown highlights four top reasons why seniors use Facebook today.

Social Photo and Video Sharing

Before social media and the Internet, friends and family members wrote letters, sent pictures, and waited for snail mail and occasional visits. With social media, everyone has the ability to chat, video chat, or view friends and family pictures and updates anytime. All of it is accessible with a simple login.

Informed With Various Sources Of News

In Facebook, there’s a community for just about any interest out there. From literature, science, fine arts, pets, medicine to entertainment, local news to outer space, social media gives users plenty of reading material beyond everyday mainstream media outlets. And the best part? It’s all free!

Discounts and Giveaways

Who doesn’t love an amazing discount from their favourite store or brand? Facebook is famous for contest giveaways and discounts for Facebook fans. The beauty of social media is that it keeps brands and corporations ‘transparent.’ All winners are announced on Facebook as well; giving the entire Facebook community an opportunity to congratulate each other.

Make New Friends

Not only does Facebook help you re-connect with loved ones, but it also gives you an amazing platform to make new friends as well. Long-term friendships and romance have sprouted through online social conversations on Facebook. It also gives you the chance to invite new friends to real-life events as well; giving seniors the opportunity to make more friends faster both online and offline.


Of course, with the immediate short-term validation social media networks render, studies also show social media helps reduce long-term depression — specifically 30 percent in older adults. If you still aren’t on Facebook, give it a try, start up your account, discover all the benefits for yourself, and of course add The Uptown. Facebook currently has 1-billion users. If it was a country, it would fall shortly behind India; growing 77 percent yearly. Will you be on social media when it topples China?

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