A Senior’s Guide to Technology

Technology is a part of our culture and deeply embedded into our present generation. We rely on it every day to stay connected, keep in touch with our loved ones and complete ordinary tasks on a daily basis. At any age – and for seniors especially – technology can be difficult to understand. It can […]

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Top Reasons Why Seniors Love Facebook

Indeed, Facebook has transformed the world. What once was a humdrum college dorm room 2004 startup — an online hangout for college students to get to know each other easier — has evolved into the world’s biggest international community – and yes, it’s free, and always will be. In Facebook, ideas spread incredibly fast to […]

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Six Mind-Blowing Rocking Chairs That You Have To See To Believe

Oh hello there fellow Uptown-er: looking for new furniture to match your outgoing personality? You are one-of-a-kind, aren’t you? We thought so. So if you’re searching for a new piece for say your new Life Lease suite, then you might want to peruse below. Because at the Uptown, we encourage residents just like you to […]

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Sir Patrick Stewart Tweets And Eats His First Pizza Slice Ever

As they say in the online world, ‘anything Trekkie goes viral.’ Here, we highlight Star Trek Next Generation captain, Sir Patrick Stewart documenting a life first, tweeting about his first pizza slice ever. For a first-timer, he’s pretty good, showing off New York’s classic pizza ‘fold’ — kudos Mr. Stewart. But this isn’t the first […]

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