A Senior’s Guide to Technology

Technology is a part of our culture and deeply embedded into our present generation. We rely on it every day to stay connected, keep in touch with our loved ones and complete ordinary tasks on a daily basis. At any age – and for seniors especially – technology can be difficult to understand. It can […]

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Three Useful Websites For Seniors

Image from Human Rights Here at the Uptown Life Lease Collection, we understand how difficult it is adjusting to the Internet’s ever-evolving environment. Whether it’s learning and fumbling your way around a new website or learning how to use new applications on your smartphone or tablet; teaching yourself lessons on the web does get stressful […]

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Retirement Tips: How 20-Year-Olds Can Start Saving For Retirement Today

Starting life in your 20s is tough, let alone planning for retirement. A survey conducted by Scottrade concluded that roughly 60% of young adults have nothing saved for retirement. Why? Could it be the lack of education or free will or maturity? Whatever the reason may be, there are many sources available — oh sweet […]

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10 Common Retirement Mistakes Every Senior Should Know

Image from Retire On Your Own Terms Can you name a few mistakes you made before retirement? Yes? Well, you’re not alone… Below, the Uptown Life Lease Collection highlights some of the most common mistakes made by seniors before retirement – all which everyone can learn from and hopefully avoid making in the future. Here […]

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5 Innovative Gifts for Baby Boomers

What does gift giving mean to you, fellow Uptown-er? Are you the type to spend days searching for the perfect gift; capturing all your emotions tied up in one pretty bow? Or, are you the jaded gift giver who sees gift giving as another date on a desktop calendar? Undecided? Either way, if you’re looking […]

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Top Reasons Why Seniors Love Facebook

Indeed, Facebook has transformed the world. What once was a humdrum college dorm room 2004 startup — an online hangout for college students to get to know each other easier — has evolved into the world’s biggest international community – and yes, it’s free, and always will be. In Facebook, ideas spread incredibly fast to […]

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55 Healthy Foods For Seniors

Indeed, eating well plays a large role in emotional, physical, and mental well-being. As the old saying goes,’you are what you eat.’ Yet many seniors today ignore or are oblivious to healthy foods and their benefits. Below, The Uptown has assembled 55 healthy foods known to improve overall bodily function, putting the ‘boom’ in boomer. […]

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Frequently Asked Questions | Life Lease

What is Life Lease? Life Lease is an approach to developing and operating housing projects for seniors, mature adults, and special groups. This is a legalized ownership arrangement entirely suited to seniors who want to simplify retirement living yet maintain their sense of independence. The lease permits seniors to own a ‘share’ of their retirement […]

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Top Volunteer Opportunities For Seniors In Waterloo

If you’re the type who loves to be a part of community and develop relationships with neighbours, Waterloo offers many volunteer programs for Uptown Life Lease Collection residents; including, volunteer opportunities for seniors. Indeed, there are many reasons why seniors choose to volunteer in their community. It improves social life which has proven to revitalize […]

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9 Ways Seniors Can Boost Energy in the Morning

According to researchers from the University of Sydney, those aged of 45+ who sit more than 11 hours a day, increase chances of death by 40 per cent, compared to those who sit 3 hours or less. Indeed, retirees have been known to lead sedentary lives. However, the case should be quite the opposite. Sitting […]

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