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If you’re looking for fun things to do in Waterloo, you’ve come to the right spot.

Below, the Uptown Life Lease Collection highlights some of our favourite local pastimes. From strolling through historic landmarks to visiting must-see museums to exploring lush outdoor parks to perusing through famous shopping markets, we list six Waterloo favourites. Enjoy!

Waterloo Central Railway

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Feel like hopping on a steam-powered train from the past? The volunteer-run Central Railway in Waterloo takes visitors to nearby markets while stopping at the ever-so-famous village of St. Jacobs. Here, you can feel what it’s like to ride in style on passenger cars from the 30s and 40s; taking you through the industrial, manufacturing and farmland areas of Waterloo. As an added bonus, the train conductor also acts as a local tour guide; highlighting informative pieces of history of areas in passing.

St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market

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Known for being Canada’s largest year-round Farmers’ Market – be prepared to peruse farm-fresh foods, crafts, imported goods and almost anything imaginable. Only minutes from Waterloo, foodies can uncover a treasure of tasty flavours and cherry pick from an impressive selection of fresh fruits and vegetables from local producers.

Earth Sciences Museum

Albertosaurus at waterloo earth sciences museum

Pay a visit to the Earth Sciences Museum on any whim and learn more mind-blowing facts about Earth and the challenges it faces today. The museum has a lot to offer: from dinosaurs to ice-age mammals to rocks and mineral specimens; there’s something for everyone both young and old. You can also find Earth Sciences themed walking tours, which are available for download on their website. Designed by the museum curator, Peter Russell, the featured tours come with informative scripts that whisk you away to different pockets within the Waterloo region.

Waterloo Park

park in waterloo

Often referred to as the jewel of the city, Waterloo Park is arguably the best park in the region. Covering 45 hectares of green spacious parkland, there are plenty of activities for everyone: a picnic-friendly spot for the family; a hot spot for sports-driven enthusiasts with dedicated areas for soccer, rugby, baseball and cricket to just name a few.

Laurel Creek Conservation Area

Laurel Creek Conservation Area

Tucked away up the northern side of Waterloo, Laurel Creek is a fresh breath of air. It’s a great place to unwind and enjoy the outdoors. Swimming, windsurfing, hiking, canoeing and bird-watching are some of the popular local activities offered in the conservation area. For good reason, its natural beauty attracts many locals and visitors, while their campsites are some of the best in the region.

Waterloo Public Square

picture of waterloo public square

Waterloo Public Square is a bustling area filled with little shops and markets. Situated in the uptown area it is a popular kick off point for an evening out with friends. The Amphitheatre’s 600 seating surrounds the square itself; making it perfect for live music performances and community festivals year-round.


And there you have it fellow Uptown-ers: six fun things to do in Waterloo. If you think we missed out on a ‘must-try’ Waterloo activity, feel free to send us a message below in our comments section — we love to hear what you have to say. Until next post!

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