Oh hello there fellow Uptown-er: looking for new furniture to match your outgoing personality? You are one-of-a-kind, aren’t you? We thought so. So if you’re searching for a new piece for say your new Life Lease suite, then you might want to peruse below. Because at the Uptown, we encourage residents just like you to decorate their homes. Here we go!

Private Cloud

Private Cloud Rocking Chair

If you’re the type who loves to try new innovations both in and outside the bedroom, the Private Cloud created by German-designer Manuel Kloker is a rocking chair-bed hybrid. It is designed for those who want to get away from the stresses of life and retreat to a tranquil home base. The Private Cloud also features a latch and lock, which gives you the option to relax in a fixed position with a steady bed. For more information visit the “Private Cloud” website.

Two Makes the Difference


Introduced at the CTRL + ALT + DELETE exhibition by FREDERICIA, the Two Makes the Difference chair was built to show that “we must trust each other to achieve positive results.” Its teeter-totter philosophy needs both parties to keep balance; acting as a reminder of trust between two individuals. For more information visit the Two Makes the Difference website.

Baby-Friendly Rocking Chair

Design for parent and baby in mind, this rocking chair was designed by Scott Morrison; successfully building a convenient way for caregivers to easily get a fussy baby to sleep. It also works well day and night; giving caregivers the option to read or knit while waiting for baby to doze off to dreamland. For more information visit the Scott Morrison website.

Plastic Straw Rocking Chair

clutch - straw - rocking chair
Buil with 10,000 straws, the straw rocking chair was designed to exhibit the planet’s disposable culture. The designer also paid homage to clutch light, a structural detail found in trees, paying close attention to directional properties of the Capillary tubes. For more information visit the official Scott Jarvie website.

Race Car Rocking Chair

Designed in the 1950s by Hans Brockhage and Erwin Andra, the Race Car Rocking chair gives you the option to both rock and roll on any whim. The chair contains a smooth bent beech frame and a beautifully moulded red seat. Its dimensions are: 40cm height x 100cm wide x 38cm deep. For more information visit Race Car Rocking Chair website.


And there you have it folks, the six mind-blowing rocking chairs sure to get your guests rocking and talking. If you’re looking for a life lease suite in the Waterloo area, feel free to stop by the Uptown Life Lease Collection and take our free tour.

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