A Senior’s Guide to Technology

Technology is a part of our culture and deeply embedded into our present generation. We rely on it every day to stay connected, keep in touch with our loved ones and complete ordinary tasks on a daily basis. At any age – and for seniors especially – technology can be difficult to understand. It can […]

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Three Useful Websites For Seniors

Image from Human Rights Here at the Uptown Life Lease Collection, we understand how difficult it is adjusting to the Internet’s ever-evolving environment. Whether it’s learning and fumbling your way around a new website or learning how to use new applications on your smartphone or tablet; teaching yourself lessons on the web does get stressful […]

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Top Reasons Why Seniors Love Facebook

Indeed, Facebook has transformed the world. What once was a humdrum college dorm room 2004 startup — an online hangout for college students to get to know each other easier — has evolved into the world’s biggest international community – and yes, it’s free, and always will be. In Facebook, ideas spread incredibly fast to […]

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