A Senior’s Guide to Technology

Technology is a part of our culture and deeply embedded into our present generation. We rely on it every day to stay connected, keep in touch with our loved ones and complete ordinary tasks on a daily basis. At any age – and for seniors especially – technology can be difficult to understand. It can […]

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The upsides of downsizing when retiring

For the majority of retirees, the thought of downsizing can be a scary experience. Not only are you saying goodbye to familiar surroundings and a home full of memories, but you’re also mourning the thought of losing an abundance of space. Generally speaking, seniors usually make the decision to downsize in their mid-60‘s or early […]

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Why Life Leases are great alternatives to owning or renting

When you close in on your retirement, you are bound to be faced with countless decisions that need to be dealt with in a short period of time. Among all of these decisions, the one that is often considered to be the most important is housing. The thought of changing your address and turning your […]

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Life Leases

Over the course of a lifetime, an individual can look forward to many new experiences and milestones. For aging adults, a common experience or milestone that will inevitably occur is a change in housing. For some, this can be an overwhelming experience that is full of uncertainty, change and stress. For others, it can be […]

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Helping Aging Parents Choose the Right Retirement Community

If you are considering retirement living for yourself or for a loved one, more likely than not, you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed and perhaps even a little bit anxious about making the right decision. With so many different types of communities to choose from, navigating the options can certainly be a daunting task. Educating yourself […]

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Retirement Tips: How 20-Year-Olds Can Start Saving For Retirement Today

Starting life in your 20s is tough, let alone planning for retirement. A survey conducted by Scottrade concluded that roughly 60% of young adults have nothing saved for retirement. Why? Could it be the lack of education or free will or maturity? Whatever the reason may be, there are many sources available — oh sweet […]

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