Inspirational Quotes About Life

Life, with all its ups and downs is a challenge. And many of the wise before us – some who have led inspiring lives – have also shared inspirational quotes about life that can help those left behind lead a better life. Below, the Uptown Life Lease Collection highlights our favourite life quotes that keep […]

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Where To Eat Breakfast in Waterloo

Indeed, the Waterloo region has a diverse restaurant scene. It boasts over 400 restaurants, all which help spark Waterloo’s unique foodie reputation. However despite Waterloo’s mouth-watering flavours, its breakfast options still remain a well kept secret — until today. Below, the Uptown Life Lease Collection answers the age-old local question many of us often ask: Where […]

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How To Lower Your Stress Level On The Spot

How do you handle stressful situations? Good? Bad? Ugly? Indeed, stress is known to negatively affect our mental, physical, and spiritual well-being — all of if can be disarming at times. High stress levels also have been connected with many of today’s leading causes of death as well: cancer; heart disease; suicide; lung disorders; and […]

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Must-Try Restaurants In Waterloo

Despite being the smallest city of the three cities in the Regional Municipality of Waterloo, Waterloo’s size makes it an ideal home for folks looking to settle. Waterloo’s quality of life, is augmented by its arts, heritage, beautiful scenery, community, parks, and of course its food. Waterloo is the home of some of the finest […]

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9 Ways Seniors Can Boost Energy in the Morning

According to researchers from the University of Sydney, those aged of 45+ who sit more than 11 hours a day, increase chances of death by 40 per cent, compared to those who sit 3 hours or less. Indeed, retirees have been known to lead sedentary lives. However, the case should be quite the opposite. Sitting […]

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Top Five Reasons Why Uptown Life Lease Collection Loves RIM Park

One of the many perks Uptown Life Lease residents have is being a part of the vibrant Waterloo community. Our great location gives our residents the ability to get close with Waterloo life; including, one of Waterloo’s most-prized community attractions: RIM Park. Being only a short 16-minute drive away from our Uptown Life Lease Collection, […]

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25 Must-Read Quotes About Retirement

“I’ve got a sizeable retirement nest egg. It’s an ostrich egg, and it’s going to make an omelet so big that it’ll produce enough leftovers for decades.
” – Jarod Kintz “Don’t simply retire from something; have something to retire to.
” – Harry Emerson Fosdick “Gainfully unemployed, very proud of it, too.” – Charles Baxter “The […]

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3 Public Art Attractions You Have To See In Waterloo

When you’re an Uptown Life Lease resident you’ll get to explore the city of Waterloo with an artistic eye. The city of Waterloo is filled with free public art renderings for anyone to enjoy. Below, we uncover a few of Waterloo’s hidden artistic gems, all famous for offering locales and tourists a refreshing yet classic […]

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The BEST Ontario Bike Trail Lives In Waterloo

If you live in the Kitchener-Waterloo region and love to cycle and weave though world class bike trails, than we have amazing news for you. Waterloo’s very own Hydrocut mountain bike trail recently was ranked best trail in Ontario by Singletracks members. Singletracks used a unique trail-ranking algorithm to rank all trails in the province. […]

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Why The St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market Is Our Grocery Rockstar

One of the many perks of being a resident of The Uptown in Waterloo is the close proximity and convenience of the very popular St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market. Open Thursday and Saturday all year round, Canada’s largest Farmers’ Market is a one-stop shop with hundreds of different vendor items to purchase. Outside during peak season, […]

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